2014 South African Photographic Safari Tours

South Africa 2014 - Tigers and Big Cats Safari Tour

Tour 1:     Late August 2014

Tour 2:     Late October 2014

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This is my "backyard" tour - join me in my native country to photograph Tigers, Leopards, Lions and Cheetahs. You will also find Elephants, Zebras, Giraffe, Warthogs, the now endangered Rhinoceros side by side with scores antelope and other wildlife gems.

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Download: Tigers & Big Cats

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South Africa 2014 - Timbavati and Sabi Sands Predators Photo Safari

10 Days   |   October 8 - 18, 2014

All Inclusive Fee: $6,850


Timed to maximize the photo opportunities over the calving season at the start of southern Spring, this tour is designed to photograph the predators in action. The bush at this time of the year starts showing the verdant growth and is a fantastic backdrop for Big Five photography. You will also find Kudu, Waterbuck, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Warthog and Zebra.

I will guide you on how to make the most of the low light conditions - we'll try some night photography - using spot lights or flash.

My aim is for guests to learn as photographers, to be aware of the life in the wild, and to meet other avid wildlife photographers.

Download: Predators Tour

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Stuff worth knowing

1) These tours are designed for guest of all photographic skill levels. It is important, however, that you have working knowledge of your camera.
2) We will attempt night shooting and for this, understanding Manual Exposure mode is important. I will assist in the field with tips on how to make it work for you.
3)  If you want to work on your images, bring a PC/Mac with image management software installed. I use Lightroom from Adobe and can assist if you have difficulties.
4) Travel cancellation insurance is recommended and must be obtained when the reservation is made.
5) Accommodation is luxurious and transportation to and from lodges is by air.

Gear Rentals:
It is possible to rent equipment (lenses, teleconverters, etc) for both Canon and Nikon in South Africa. if you prefer to avoid carrying equipment from your home base, drop me a line and I will provide you with details.