A Windy Afternoon

Today was just like most Saturdays - slow and comfortable. Outside the weather was gray - overcast and not too cold.

The relative calm was pierced by an Emergency Alert (see more later) at about 2pm. I looked at the phone which was locked and saw a message briefly not registering the details. I tried to unlock the phone and the message disappeared. Bad design, I thought. I now had to look for the alert somewhere in the innards of that technology beast. As I was fiddling, I looked outside and saw the bushes straining at an unnatural angle due to the winds.

Took my phone/camera to document this unusual weather phenomenon and was some-what concerned about how my building would hold up. Turned on the video recording, placed the phone up against the glass pane and felt the vibration caused by the high-speed winds.  As I was commenting to myself in a half-tone about the scary nature of what I was seeing and feeling, I got a lot more than I could expect.

Within a few seconds the wind gusted and the structure a mere 30 yards (roughly 30m) came crashing down turning the building into heap of wooden beams and compressed sheeting.

Note: The Emergency Alert System is a national warning system in the USA and is designed to, amongst other things, alert the public of local weather emergencies such as tornadoes and flash floods.