Welcome to the new home of edbrazphotography.com

New home for African Wildlife Photography Safari Tours


Visit Africa and photograph the rapidly diminishing Rhinos and other wildlife


It is with great pleasure that I announce the new home for www.edbrazphotography.com.

This release has been in the making for a number of weeks and thanks to the inherent features of the services provided, it was relatively easy to implement. It will undoubtedly see improvements over time. Your feedback is most welcome.

I will continue to offer African Wildlife photographic tours and to showcase the images garnered in the African bush of wild animals facing greater threat of extinction. In 2013, the number of Rhinos killed for their horn, reached 408 at the end of May. This number is frightening when measured against the total killed during the full year of 2011. That year, 448 rhinos perished at the hands of greedy killers.

I welcome you to my new home and look forward to the experience.